Madison Seminoles

A Team in the National Conference finished their IFL career with an 13 - 8 - 0 record

Madison Seminoles

OFFENSE: Pro-set / Power Run Game w/ west coast flair
DEFENSE: 4-3 Base -  Tough Front 7
STYLE: Aggressive

The Madison Seminoles were originally started by Brent Harris out of Pardeeville. They were the first team in IFL history to be located out of Milwaukee area and it's touted 50mi radius. in the 2000 season they made the play-offs for the first time in franchise history.

It was in 2001 that the franchis picked up and moved to Madison and has been a force to be reckoned with since that day. In that same season they went an imressive 6-1 and captured their first Ironbowl Championship over the Milwaukee Bulldogs. The seminoles were known for presenting a team that was well coached, but lacked polish in overall execution. A the time, the Seminoles were one of the few teams in the league to install and practice plays in all areas of the game ( Offense, Defense & Spl Teams ).  They wanted to put the ball in the hands of their play makers and let them make playes any way they could. At times it appeared as if they had plays called -  "Touchdown Left" & "Touchdown Right". And most of the time it scored points.

The Madison Franchise has produced some of the leagues best players and some of the greatest games in League History - Many of them against the Muskego Hitmen.

Familiar Faces

The Muskego Hitmen and the Madiosn Franchise have a history dating back to early 2003 that started as small squables between players. It was in 2004 when these two teams duked it out for 6 quarters in the IFL Conference Championship game that a deep rooted rivalry started between these two teams. In the following seasons, The franchise would change face to the Verona Trojans and the Madison Mustangs soon their after. Their style of play changed from a west-coast style offesne to the more popular 4-wide / Spread Offense.

The team atmosphere also changed leaving many players un-happy with the direction of the franchise. This lead to a mutiny of sorts and The Muskego Hitmen Suddenly saw an influx of former Seminole Heavy-weights

  • Former Head Coach Fred Cole ( Former Hitmen DL Coach )
  • Former All-Star TE & Owner Korbey White ( Now Hitmen TE )
  • Former All-Star CB Jackson Clearvux ( Now Hitmen CB )

Former League MVP & All-Star George Randolf also tried out for the Hitmen Squad, but chose to go back to Madison for personal reasons. This, more than all is ironic as many of the inter-personal squables that started the rivalry between the teams revolved around George!

Sudden Dismissal

In 2005 The Madison Seminoles were considered on of the top teams in the IFL. They had a punishing style of play that few teams could match. Many teams around the league had picked them to be the next team to make a run for the Ironbowl in 2006. However, only a few short weeks after the end of the 2005 season, The Madison Seminols were exiled from the IFL.  That, however, did not seem to slow the Madison Franchise Down. A change of ownership, and a fresh coat of pain was all that was need to get this franchise back on the track of sccuess.

The Rivalry

The Rivalry that is Madison & Muskego is still alive with the Mustangs. However, Many people are quick to forget that it all started with the seminoles. It started as idle banter and the usual trash talking. It was in 2004 where the tides tooka a turn for the worst. Early in the first quarter of the, Jason Hennebery hit Seminol Running Back, George Randolf so hard, he was carried off the field on a stretcher - Literally! After the game A complaint was filed against Henneberry claiming that he speared the Runner with his head intentionally. The league reviewed tape and even considered suspending Hennebery.

History would repeat as in their first meeting of 2005, Henneberry once again laid George out early in the game only throwning insult to injury. Soon there after, long time Hitmen and fan Favorite, Keving Busch had to be helped off of the field after receiving a knee in the spine couresy of a Seminole player. Busch, with multiple herniated disks in his back claimed the attack was intentional and they tried to end his career. Needless to say, this did not smooth things over between the two teams.

After this heated battle between the two teams, an 'un-named' seminole player spit in the face of Former Muskego Great, Andy Konkel as the two crossed paths. There was even rumor of a knife being pulled on someone in the parking lot!

This would be the final year that the Seminoles and the Hitmen would meet on the field. However, it would not be the last time that these familiar faces would stand toe-to-toe in a heavyweight fight...



Team OwnerKorbey White
Head CoachFred Cole
Year Est.1999
Team CityMadison
Home FieldMilw Co Sports Complex
Carrer Record13 - 8 - 0
Conference Titles1
League Titles0

Team Rivalries

TeamRecord Against
Muskego Hitmen 1 - 3
Milwaukee Bulldogs 0 - 2
Waukesha Co Soldiers 0 - 0

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