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2 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Mon May 30 2011

With the recent explosion and obsession with mobile devices, website creators are scrambling for way to get their content onto as many of their devices as possible. We are all busy and don't have time to sit at desk every time we want to catch up with the Muskego Hitmen and what is happening in the I.F.L.

In our efforts to keep up with the Jones', we are proud to release our very own touch enabled mobile website! No more keyboard, forget about a mouse, and don't even think about printing our a roster. You don't need that stuff anymore - We've go you covered. Now you can take everything Hitmen where ever you go. 

You shouldn't have to do anything special to get at the new mobile site, just visit from your mobile device and you'll be taken there auto-magically.  

We currently support these modern Touch enabled devices

  • iPhone 3GS+
  • iPod Touch
  • Android OS 2.1+
  • Blackberry OS 6+ ( limited )

if you're of the more technically inclined, The site is very HTML5 and you could probably use the site with any decent webkit based browser. Most modern touch devices already have one installed by default, so you probably don't have to worry.

With the first release you'll find:

  • Player Info
  • Team Info
  • Schedules
  • League Line ups
  • User Messages

We have plans to add more modules and ridiculousness in the coming weeks as well. The mobile app is build on top of our new, powerful API Service, which is a fancy way of saying we have little robots powered by hamster wheels that 

do nothing but spit up data when we ask for it. We are using the mobile app as a pilot program for our shiny new Data Service. In the near future we plan to open our Data service to a few 3rd parties for use. 


Our Data API gives access to things like:

  • IFL Teams ( Current & Historical )
  • Automatically updating Schedules
  • Full historical IFL Game Archive 
  • Stadium Information and Locations
  • Team Records ( career and seasonal )
  • League Standings ( all-time and season )


It's a ton of data and to top it off, it is all relational. Which means when ask for the data for last weeks games in the 


IFL, not only do you know who played and what the score was, but you also know what conference each team is in, Where each team plays their home games, if the game was a regular season game, playoff game or whatever. 


You even get a list of each teams known rivals!. With that kind of information you could build your own mobile application. You could even use our data service to power you regular website and never have to worry if it is up to date.We're pretty excited about theses shiny new toys and we hoe you enjoy them!


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  • 0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Thu May 07 2009

    OK, so I broke down and figued I would download the new version of Internet Explorer and see how the site looks on it...Not bad microsoft...not bad. They GREATLY improved their rendering engine which they themselves named the "Broken Box Model", and cleaned up their javascript interpriter. What that means for you is - The site doesn't totally break down if you must use Internet Explorer. I would suggest upgrading to version 8 if I were you. On a side note, there were a couple of bugs that IE had dealing with javascript that caused a couple things to break, which I think I have fixed. Tabs seem to work across the board. A number of pages use tabs. if you were useing an older version of IE, you could click on them, but nothing would happen. IE was running some of the code in a different order than expected. So I re-wrote it :: FIXED (?) Quick Hit messages. When you are on the main page you should now see a little pop up ticker with some of the latest & greatest happenings around the site. You can click on them and if they are linked to something else one the site, you will be magically whisked away on a mystical the next page... So :: FIXED WYSIWYG Editor on profile pages for blogs loads up when I tried it in Internet Explorer 8...So...FIXED (?) So at the very least, give your Internet Explorer an update to version 8 and things should be good around the Hitmen Website. Be sure to turn Compatability Mode OFF P.S. - I Still Hate Internet Explorer.

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