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posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Tue Jan 17 2012
The Hitmen Need Your Help!

The Hitmen are looking for a few good me to help out on the side line on game day.  It's a great way to get a front row seat to all of the IFL action, and help the Hitmen secure another championship. There are a number of way you can help. These are the positions we are looking to fill


Hydration Expert

  • Ensure Dubious amounts of fluids on the side lines
  • ability to hurl water into a tired players mouth while they talk from great distances
  • Comfortable having the word "Water" yelled at you for hours at a time.


Chain Masters

  • Ability to count to 4
  • Have an attention span longer than 8 seconds
  • At least 16 years of age.
  • Follow detailed instruction


Clock Jockeys

  • Familiarity with NFL clock rules
  • Ability to count to 60
  • Knowledge of how to operate a clock


Ticket Barons

  • Comfortable taking peoples money
  • Attention to detail


Food Slingers

  • Comfortable taking peoples money
  • Comfortable touching a variety of meat by-products
  • Knowledge of applying copious amounts of mustard to said meat by-products
  • Enough will power to not eat all of aforementioned meats
  • Able to maintain an inventory


Number Crunchers

  • Familiarity with Excel or some spreadsheet type thing
  • Knowledge of the game of football
  • Good penmanship
  • Attention to detail


If you think you may meet any of the above requirments, want to get involved with the Hitmen, and love the game of football - We Want to Hear from You! Send a message to Mike Raetz or myself and let us know. I can also be reached via email at webmaster -[at]- muskegohitmen dot com

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