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0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Wed Apr 01 2009

I know it has nothing to do with football whatsoever, but it has to do with the website - something very near and dear to me. Its a loooong video on a piece of software I use frequently. But I just want you to watch the first 10 minutes. He just talks about how much of a pain and piece of junk internet explorer is

Video Post

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  • 0 comments posted by: Diane on Wed Apr 01 2009

    Well I am really starting to see great results in our dancers. They have been working extremely hard in preparation for our first home game. I hope to have a team picture in the Muskego Now and Chronicle within the next two weeks. We will also post the ladies individual pictures on this site very soon! As always if you want future updates, just tune in and I'll try to keep this site current. Feel free to send me a PM for all dancer appearance requests/fundraisers inqueries.

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    6 comments posted by: Jeff Ernst on Mon Mar 30 2009

    Just wanted to give anyone who might be interested the heads up that I have posted the Iron pictures from the First Milwaukee Iron Game. They can be located here.....

    Already got the credentials set up for the next game.

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  • 0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Sat Mar 28 2009

    So I started entering more info into the site's database. I did all of the games, teams  and schedules all the way back to 2004. So no most of the teams records and what not are pretty accurate. We didn't actually start keeping records until 2005 so I may have to do some more digging around to find the info on those earlier years.

    I also started doing the stats for the 2006 season I've got a few more games to 'play' but it'll be done soon

    Just click on the "Played" link and it will take you to the numbers! That was an interesting year. That was the year Mr. Darius Jenkins was bringing players from other teams left and right. K. Rattler was the biggest fullback anyone had ever seen, Chris Jones made his debut, Mike Hill showed up and shocked the world forcing Steve Miick to split PT for the first time in his life. We had THREE quarterbacks. Derek, Janatis and Good ole' Kufaul. And they all played every game. Sometimes Derek would play WR, and Kufaul and Janatis would duke it out for QB time. It was interesting to remember that year. It was by far our worst year landing a mediocre 5-5 season. I had ruptured my biceps tendon and didn't get to play a single minute of that year. It was rough.

    Tech Talk

    I also found something pretty sweet. For you Firefox users, I found an awesome skin. If you have never used Firefox, you can down load free skins or themes for it. I found this one called Luminight - It looks like it was designed specifically for the Muskego Hitmen Website! It matches the color scheme to the 'T'. It looks fantasitc! You should check it out.

    0 comments posted by: Steve Miick on Sat Mar 28 2009


    It's a word that brings guys together every year around the same time in Muskego. A word that to some people, changes the way they lead their lives. I am one of those people. 2009 will mark my 16th season of football. The previous 15 years, I joined a group of guys who were all chasing that same word. Ive never accomplished it... Sure conference championships here and there, but never the one that really matters.

    I want to win it all!

    Am I bad luck? Do I bring the team down? Should I just hang the pads up? Have I lost a step? All these questions have run through my head before. THIS YEAR I want that all to end! THIS YEAR I want to hush all the naysayers! THIS YEAR I want to be standing with my Hitmen brothers as we hoist the trophy above our heads as CHAMPIONS! I want to fight for a team that is made up of a group of guys that will give everything they have for the guy next to them to achieve that goal! Make no mistake, I would die on that field for every one of you who have earned the right to call yourselves "Hitmen". These are the things that make a championship team!

    It's not always the team with the biggest names, the deepest roster, or the most talent. It is the team that is made up of a group of brothers who's bond cannot be broken. A brotherhood that REFUSES to let each other down! I'll tell you this right now. I would not drive 12 hours round trip to play for a team that didn't have a secure place in my heart. All I ask is this, if you are not in this to achieve perfection - find a new team. This most likely will be my last season with the Muskego Hitmen. I will be moving even farther south next year making it nearly impossible for me to commit myself enough to the team. 2009 has to be the year! Every single play, I will be fighting with everything I have to win the battle against the guy in front of me. I will be playing every play as if it is my last! If we all do this, I promise you, we will be CHAMPIONS!

    Your Brother,

    Steve Miick

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  • 4 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Thu Mar 26 2009

    Semi-pro football in Wisconsin. It's a love / hate kind of thing. People in Wisconsin love football - they hate semi-pro. I pointed out a number of the reasons in part one of this series. But lets refresh your memory - There are more semi-pro teams and leagues in Wisconsin than just about every other state in the country. However, very few people in the state know about them let alone care about them enough to come see a game. There a few reasons that contribute to the bulk of the problem, and they are:

    • Over Aggressiveness - Too many people making too many hasty decisions too fast.
    • Price - It really shouldn't cost that much. Buy quick books or something!
    • Lack of professionalism - It's a level of football for post - High School athletes, but sometimes it is hard to tell
    • Poor Fields - Football is played on grass under lights, not in a mud puddle
    • The competition - does Milwaukee really need 17 teams?

    With all of these things so wrong with semi-pro ball, how does the sport survive? What keeps it going? I'm glad you asked! There are a lot of positive things going for semi-pro and the IFL in particular. It may just be a pipe dream, but it is one that is almost a reality. It would seem that every year we get a little bit closer to making it happen but there is always a hiccup in the system that holds everything down. But with out further ado, whats right with semi-pro:

    The Front Office

    The Front office seems to take a lot of heat for a variety of reasons. Most of them were listed in part one of this series. The League has this reputation of "The Broken Promise". As stated in Part 1, The front office has a ready, FIRE, aim mentality with a lot of things. People get excited when something big is going to happen and just want to tell people. We do it all the time.

    The league is always trying to move forward and do something to better promote the league and bring more money to the teams. Sometimes the ideas are pretty big, a lot of work is involved, and there are many possible outcomes. When one of the possible outcomes never happens, and no one gets an explanation as to why, It's a "broken promise".

    Forget This! You're on your own!

    Now I've had the opportunity of doing some work with the front office. If you didn't know, I did the league magazine - Smashmouth...Yep, I did that. It is a lot of work and I could have very easily just backed out and said - Forget This! You're on your own. And that would have been another broken promise on the head of the league. Even though it would have not been the fault of the league. However, the finger would have been pointed.This is usually what happens. The league is raring to go, throws the work at someone, makes an announcement, and then whoever had the project, backs out at the last minute.

    There are two sides to every story. It is unfortunate that the league get criticized for trying to progress the league. The front office wants to succeed and they do what they can to do so. Many times when you rely on other people to help you do some of these things, they let you down. However, as the old adage goes - If you want something done right - do it yourself.

    This is a good move, And I like it - I like it a lot

    Wait, it gets better. At the end of the 2008 season, the IFL appointed Dan Greene to the list officials as the Director of Operations. Dan is the former own of the Spring city Cyclones - one of the worst team in 2008 IFL season. However, the teams performance is in no shape or form a reflection on Mr. Greene. He's a smart guy with a lot of common sense who loves to play devil's advocate. And in classic rough and tumble football guy fashion, never pulls punches. Dan's job is mainly to make sure all of the things pointed out in Part One of this series don't happen. He brings an interesting perspective to the front office in that he has been both a player and an owner under the current Front Office management of the the league and really understands what needs to be fixed from a IFL franchise stand point. 

    This is a good move, and I like it. I like it a lot.

    The Complex

    Yes, the field itself is junk, but lets face it. The league went out and struck a deal with this place in an effort, again, to progress the league. This place has it all - Multiple fields for teams to practice / warm up on, locker rooms so we aren't walking around in our skivvies in the parking lot, a PA system complete with announcer, the concessions people even grill up burgers and stuff! Whats not to love about this place?

    MCSCIf you have never been inside, they have much the same inside. The Hitmen even had a couple of our combines there on their indoor courts. From a spectator stand point, the MCSC, is awesome. As a player...the field is less than ideal and as the season wears on it can be increase the risk of serious injury. Aside from the lack of up-keep on the field, the "Complex" as a whole is pretty cool.

    Before the sports complex, the league played all of it's games behind Rucker's Sports bar. We played in the outfield of a baseball diamond. On one side of the field, you would get road rash from the dirt of the infield and run into spectators who didn't realize they were too close. And on the other side it was like playing arena ball against the wall - But this wall was a chain link fence. The sports complex was a big improvement

    The Competition

    One of the problems with Semi-Pro football is that players treat it like bar league softball. They just want to show up for games and play. I'm sorry but football is not a sport you can just show up for and play. Especially when other teams do practice and want to win. You will be embarrassed. And no one likes to be embarrassed. So the simple solution - Don't show up for the game.The IFL has made significant improvements on this black eye to the sport. Teams are evaluated and scrutinized before they are allowed to compete in the IFL. Teams are stable, established and competitive. Despite the over abundance of players and teams in the area, the IFL doesn't have a lot of low level teams anymore. The level of talent in the league is pretty level. In 2009 there were only 2 teams that were at the bottom of the barrel and one of those was a first year start up team. Everyone else was busy duking it out for playoff spots! Teams / leagues looking in at the IFL from the outside like to throw stones, but thus far every team that moves in to the IFL from a different league took some hard bumps before they started to clean up their act and learn to actually play football. Competition in the IFL is tough - And that's the way we like it.

    The Professional League

    On the flip side of part 1, the "professional" aspect of the IFL is one of it's shining points. The front office is trying to smooth things over from years past of poorly formed leagues and teams who have left a bad taste in the proverbial mouth of football fans. For what it is, The IFL is a small league. 10-15 teams on a given year that is central to the Wisconsin / Illinois area. For such a small league, being around for less than 20 years, the IFL has made huge strides in the minor league ranks. 2 out of the 3 head officials of the IFL have already been inducted in to Halls of fame. The owner into the American Football Association and the commish to the Minor Football League News Hall of Fame. Agree with the vote or not - that is impressive.

    And it is a snowball effect. When things like this happen, people take notice. It attracts better football teams, players and talent to the league. This means a better end product will end up on the field and it , god willing,  just keeps on building. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Just because there is money involved doesn't make a player or a team or a league professional. Take a look at some of the things the IFL has done over the years:

    • League merchandise, complete with sales van
    • Televised games
    • An official League Magazine ( compliments of moi ) 
    • League highlight films
    • Awards Banquette - complete with trophies, medals and plaques
    • Annual Hall of fame compete with inductee Rings
    • An annual All-Star Game
    • And many other things in the works

    I always get the feeling as if the IFL is trying to 1-up all the other leagues. They should, it's a competitive market. 

    The Ban List

    It's true. There is a list of people and teams that the league will not do any kind of business and encourages other teams/players to do the same. However, as I pointed out before, there are two sides to every story. The IFL doesn't just Kick a team out because they can. Lets take a look at the recent list

    With the exception of the Renegades, who never actually played a game in the IFL, the teams listed were good teams. 3 on the list were Ironbowl Contenders and 2 on the list actually hold league titles. Let's Kick them out of the league! That makes sense, right? No...No it doesn't. Again, there are two sides to every story. Something was done, something was said that the league saw as grounds for expulsion.

    In many of the cases, it came down to money. The league has a deadline for certain fees. A lot of times, teams like to wait until the day of the deadline to inquire about the fee in question. Too busy with the questions and not paying is grounds for expulsion. People don't like being called on doing something they know they shouldn't be doing, take stuff like that personally and  react. It's like getting caught speeding. You know you shouldn't do it, but your first reaction is to deny it or come up with a reason why you were doing it in hopes the cop will let you of. If you didn't want the ticket, you shouldn't have been speeding. In 2009 The McHenry County Pirates were kicked out for that very reason. 

    We're Not paying until we get more answers.

    As a result, the league responded by saying - You don't have to pay, We'll just find a team to fill your spot. Obviously not the answer the Pirates were looking for. So they reacted. A series of emails transpired and the pirates more or less, tried to steal any team they could from the IFL to start their own league. No one actually left and I haven't heard of a new league - So I'm going to guess that didn't go so well.

    IFL - 1 | Pirates - 0

    imageIn the case of the Oak Creek Renegades...They didn't have a team! I don't remember the exact number, but they had less than 13-15 players at their debut scrimmage game. Sure it was a scrimmage, but if I'm the owner of a new team, and it were my first display to the league, the league owner is going to be there and I know I'm still being evaluated - I'm going to try to make a statement. Or a positive first impression at the very least. So they got kicked out.

    The owner of the Renegades was upset mainly because they had paid the non-refundable league fees and never got the chance to give it a go in the regular season. Based on the poor showing, and terrible performance by the players who did show and the coaches feedback on the team, this was the right move. If it didn't happen in the pre-season, it would have happened in the regular season and it would have had far worse repercussions than what it did in the pre-season

    The down side to this was that the schedule had already been done, fields had been secured and teams were basically out of luck if they had the Renegades on their schedule. The owner of the renegades was obviously not happy and shot around some emails and did some posts on a message board in an effort to rally people behind him. He's still out of the league and plays in an 8-man football league, which is perfect since he only had 13 players!

    IFL - 2 | Renegads - 0

    The ban list may have a bad reputation as the league's personal vendetta list, but it's not. I think its a good thing for the league. Keep the riff-raff out and let the rest of us have some fun with out the drama and play some good football. That's why we are here.

    Strange how the good reasons are the bad reasons. Isn't that how most things are? Good + Bad, The Ying + The Yang. You can't have dark with out light. Can the league be on the right path and the wrong path at the same time?

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  • 2 comments posted by: Jeff Ernst on Thu Mar 26 2009

    As the title says, It all started with Craigslist. I go there every once in a while to look for camera equipment or electronics, but this day (November 25,2007) was different. I decided to look around and the first click changed my life as I knew it. It is a funny thing how fate plays a part in everyone's life. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is true. Had I not clicked on the creative job section to see what it was, I would not have seen the ad titled Sports photography. I took a shot and sent my email off to an unknown entity explaining how I was a beginning sports photographer and that I would be interested in offering my un-proven services. Much to my surprise I got a  response the next day letting me know that I could stop down and give it a shot (pun intended).

    it's a F***ing audition?!?!?

    I drive out to Muskego (I've never been there before), find my way through the hills and winding roads to pull into the Muskego High School parking lot only about 20 minutes early, it gets closer to the start time and NO ONE IS THERE?!?!?!? I then  realize that I am on the wrong side of the school (DOH!) I pull around to where I am supposed to be and pull into a parking spot. I sit in my truck for about  5 minutes taking in what is about to happen. This is what I have always wanted to be involved in. I take a deep breath and grab my camera and walk into the school. I am greeted by Hucksdorf and he tells me where to find Satterwhite. I go in and introduce myself and find out that there is another photographer there. To myself I think WTF! I have my first official sports shoot of my life and it is a F***ing audition?!?!? Well after accepting the possibility that I may be done with my dream of becoming a sports photographer before it actually started. My head was swimming with everything that was happening. Where do I stand?  Is it ok to stand out in the middle of the floor? Do I just stay on the sidelines? Will I be in the way? Will the coach get pissed that I am in the wrong position? WILL I BE ASKED TO LEAVE?

    He Called It Ralph

    I gather myself and just start taking pictures of every one and everything. I may not know where I needed to stand but I know what I had to do. Well as the day progressed, I started to feel comfortable. I got the shots that I wanted. Even my first shot of a casualty after the stamina challenge.... He was over on the floor next to the trash can.... I guess he had a pet name for it. He called it Ralph. I submitted my pictures and got some positive feedback even though I didn't have the proper lens for indoor sports photos. I made due with what I had. After that first practice, Satterwhite and I began to talk daily as he helped me with my pictures and getting involved with the website.

    Semi-Pro 101

    As we start to talk I find out that Eric wanted to have more than one photographer there in case someone dropped out. I KNEW that person was not going to be me.   As the third practice happened the other photographer stopped showing up and I knew that like it or not the Hitmen were stuck with me. The season went on and I attended every practice and every game. I started to get comfortable in my role and started getting to know the team. It went from the head nod when they saw me to a handshake and a comment about the pictures that I took the week before.

    I started getting contacted from family and friends of the team to get copies of some of their favorite photos from my web site ( It made me feel like I was on my way to my dream.  Though the season ended on a less than stellar note (I still think Bork scored). I was pleased with the effort, knowledge and final product that I had developed. This brings me to the next step in my never ending dream of becoming a sports photographer on the sidelines of the big 3 (Brewers,Packers,Bucks) and getting published in Sports Illustrated (I can dream can't I?). I have been offered media credentials to photograph the new  professional arena football team in town, The Milwaukee Iron. They are the newest team in the AF2 league. I could not be more pleased with the opportunity in front of me. I have the same feeling I did as I sat in that parking lot in front of Muskego high school on that 1st day with the Hitmen.

    So to you that say fate can not play a part in shaping our lives,. all I have to say is......

    It all started with craigslist.

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  • 4 comments posted by: Nick Seliger on Mon Mar 23 2009

    Practices are manditory

    Our first outside practice is this Sunday Mar. 28th. from 4:30- 7pm. at Muskego High school. Now I shouldn't have to tell you how important practice is. We have great talented veterans coming back this year. And we have also added some extremely talented rookies. But if no one comes to practice all that doesn't mean squat. There are alot of reasons why guys play for this team. One might be they appreciate the organization as a whole, another is they love their team mates. There are many more. But one reason that shines through to many is that we win. And this year will be no different. But how far we go depends on the dedication of all involved. We have said many many times that family and work come first. They do to all of us. But this past mini camp there where a lot of guys missing, and I only got one phone call, and I think coach Blawat only got maybe a couple. Many guys didn't even bother to call. This needs to stop right now. If you can't make it we understand and will not hassle you, but you need to pick up the phone and let us know.

    This is our 7th season, and if you ask any of the guys that have been around they will say it is a long hard road. There will be alot of blood, alot of sweat, and tears. But if we all come together as a family, Brothers that can count on each other, and know the guy next to him will cut off his frickin arm for you if you needed him to. Brothers that will come together in the good times and become stronger in the bad times. WE WILL WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR! That is my guarantee. There are guys on this team that know what it takes, and know what it means to be a champion. I am calling on those guys now to step up and lead this team to glory.

    Practice, Loyalty, dedication and a combined desire to be great are four key things that make a champion. The Hitmen are and have always been made up of guys with heart. When the chips are down and time is ticking away and we need one more score to win the game our guys will leave everything they have on the field and do what they can to score that touchdown. If that means blocking for and extra second with and injured shoulder to give the quarterback just a little more time. Or going up for a ball in traffic when you know you are gonna take a big hit. The Hitmen are not make up of individuals who are in it for themselves, but of men that love the game and love their brothers they bleed next to. Make no mistake! This is a family, and as a family and only as a family will we succeed. So come March 28th at 4:30 pm be ready to strap it up and begin the road to glory.

    Your humble brother Nick Seliger

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    0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Sun Mar 22 2009

    The test of any website is where does it show up on Google. If you don't show up on the first or second page...mayyyyybe the third. Chances are people won't find you. With the re-design of the site, on of my primary focuses was being more visible. Reaching people who have never heard of us.

    The old website was pretty good. And, at one point during a season we made it to Page 2 of Google when you typed in "Musekgo Football". In the off season, we were no where to be seen. This week - only 1 week after launching the new site, "Muskego Football" lands the Muskego Hitmen #6. The Ironman football league is #3. That's not bad, we moved a page and a half in 1 week. That's really good in the world of Google.

    If you type in "Wisconsin Football"... Well I gave up after page 10.

    If you just type in "Muskego", we make it to page 3. A page behind The Muskego Water Bugs...Muskego's Water Ski Team.

    It comes down to content that people want to read. Aprently the water bugs are more exciting to the Town of Muskego Than We are. No offense to the waterbugs, I'm just a little biased. It may be nerdy, But I want to be #1 for "Muskego". That means you guys need to get involved on the site! Use your blog, fill out your profile, leave comments. You wanted it, and it's here The rest is up to you.

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  • 3 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Thu Mar 19 2009

    Call it what you will; AAA, Minor League, Semi-Pro, Old-Man, Bar League, or whatever. This level of football ( semi-pro ), where athletes beyond their high school playing days play with out compensation - in the state of Wisconsin, it has a strange vibe to it. It's a love / hate kind of a vibe. Wisconsinites Love them some football. When the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers or [ INSERT FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL TEAM HERE ] are playing, you will be hard pressed to find people doing something other than watching the game. It's what we do here - watch football! Everyone loves a good game, even if they don't know whats going on. People just love to get involved.

    Even when the Muskego Hitmen play...wait...hold on...Who?

    I think I've heard of you...Do you guys play the Racine Raiders?

    No, no we don't play the Raiders...We play the Venom...The Rush?...Bueller? People just don't seem to pay much attention to the Semi-Pro ranks. And a lot of it has to do with a bad reputation of  poorly run teams taking sponsor money only to fold due to many reasons usually stemming from a league run just as bad, if not worse.  There is a laundry list of teams and leagues that have come and gone that is too long to list. However, The Ironman Football League is starting to rub a little bit of the tarnish off of the armor.  The IFL has made some huge gains in the semi-pro football ranks in a very short time. This League does a lot of things right and just as many things wrong.

    As with anything, you tend to hear about the bad before you hear about the good. Yes, the IFL has taken a ton of heat from players and teams past, present and even those who are thinking of joining the league. So I'm going to give you my perspective on the IFL and my take on how things are done on and off the field. Keeping in line with tradition - The Bad before The Good:

    Whats Wrong With Semi-Pro

    Over Aggressiveness

    The officials of the IFL have a reputation being overly aggressive when it comes to making decisions that have a significant impact not only the league, but the Teams, owners and coaches. They have a "Ready, FIRE, Aim" mentality in many cases. In most recent history, A prime example would be the situation with the Ironbowl. Before the season actually starts, the date, time, and place of the Ironbowl for that season is determined. In the 2008 season, The "Rights" to the Ironbowl were sold in week 9 of the season effectively moving the location of the Ironbowl to the home field of the Madison Mustangs, who were a shoe in as Ironbowl Contender that year.

    The league had proposed the idea of selling game rights in league meetings prior to the season, however no one showed interest. Or I should say, no one showed interest until week 9 of the season. To make matters worse - Good Ole Mad-Town has deeper pockets than everyone else. No one stood a chance to out bid them. The decision was made, the deal was done and THEN the announcement was made. Ready, FIRE, Aim. These kinds of things happen frequently. There is at least one major occurrence every year. Things are on the up and up with the addition of Dan Greene to the front office, But I will save that topic for part II.

    It Costs How Much?!

    Running a football team is not cheap. I know that - You know that, but in the IFL it's more. No...More than that. A team in IFL will spend more money in 3 months than the average American makes in a year ( Pre-Economic Crisis ). If you are a 1st year start up team - you might as well double that. Well OK, not that much, but it's close - really close. The front office of the team really needs to be on their game when it comes to finding sources of income. I can tell you this much, we don't count $5 tickets and $2 hot dogs income.

    To top it off, it is getting more expensive. The IFL is pushing it's new game format of: teams should have a home field; meaning you need to rent a field to play on. Teams also have to pay for their own refs, the league doesn't pay for that. I can only speak for the Hitmen; playing at InPro Stadium, in that when it is all said and done, a home game will cost about $1000 - $1200, all things included. That is a lot of hot dogs my friend. The Hitmen usually have 4 or so home games so you can do that math. And this is just to play the games. 

    Here is the kicker, With all of the costs more or less passed off on to the teams, there is still a $2000 league fee. It Costs How Much?! 

    A "Professional" League

    There are many ways to define what is professional and what is not. In sports it tends to be defined by if the athletes are paid or not. If you get paid, you're professional, if you don't get paid, you are not. It's pretty cut and dry. I would argue that - there are a lot of "Professional" leagues / teams out there that are far from professional. The 2008 Bonecrushers would be a prime example of that.  However, in the IFL's case, they mean professional in the way that the league and it's teams are run.  The league does a good job at presenting a pretty good final product ( the games ), mainly do to, again, with the work of the teams & their front offices. However, any league's image is only as professional as the people who make it up. One of the unfortunate things with the IFL happens to be its list of disgruntled team owners and in some cases current owners and players.

    What makes it unfortunate is that they will take every chance they get to try to bring the IFL down. Trying to take teams from the league, legal action, and one owner went as far as to create a website to use as a public venue to openly bash the IFL and it's officials. All of these things come off as childish and immature and I think in many cases holds the league back -  It certainly doesn't help.  In any event, the league still stands. And I think only lends to it's credit.  One of the major problems is that the league tends to put itself up on a public forum and even will try to fight fire with fire in some of these cases.  I'm not aware of many other leagues where the owner and commissioner have such a hands-on approach with it's teams.

    I say, let the kids be kids and just move on.

    The Complex

    Fields in general tend to be a problem for Semi-Pro Teams. No one wants to let them use it. They know the league will try to squeeze as many games in as few days as possible and will need to be repaired before anyone else can use it. Its a costs vs benefits thing. The  Milwaukee County Sports Complex has been the IFL's "Go To" field for a number of years. There is a lot of history with this stadium. Today, teams are being encouraged to seek out their own playing fields and stadiums. However, despite the effort,  The IFL hasn't grown past this eye sore of a football field.

    It wasn't originally designed as a football field, it isn't pitched right. I don't think it has a pitch at all. When it rains, the water just sits on the field and takes some serious abuse. Before the league went to the new scheduling format, by the end of a season, that field wasn't even a field anymore, it was just mud. There are spots where the grass doesn't even grow back and there a metal grates scattered around the field. We can do with out this field, and it would cut back on the league budget. If a team wants to claim the complex as their home field, let them do that. In reality, I think providing a stadium on a weekly basis should not be on the shoulders of the league. 

    The Competition

    This one is pretty cut and dry. There are too many leagues and too many players confined to too much of a small  area. Do you know what the hottest trend in Semi-Pro Football in Wisconsin is? Quit your team, and start your own! It's like making a movie based on comic books. EVERYONE is doing it. I can't even begin to tell you how many leagues, or divisions of a league or teams there are in Wisconsin. Take the IFL for instance -  Roughly 10 teams in the greater Milwaukee area in any given year. This makes it hard for teams to maintain a quality roster. From year to year, teams don't really get new players they just rotate from team to team.  When one team can't get players to rotate over to their side, they just fold and merge into another team that is already struggling. Then one of the players from one of those teams, branches off and starts their own team in just about the same spot.

    It is a wonder that teams are able to stay a float, let alone progress in the semi-pro ranks. If there is such a thing.  The Racine Raiders stand out because they have been the same team in the same place for decades.  Just like the term "Atkins" has become synannomous with eating bacon and cheese, the Raiders always come to mind when people hear minor league / semi-pro football. I think teams like the Muskego Hitmen, Madison Mustangs and Roscoe Rush are making a little hedgeway on the issue.

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