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1 comment posted by: Jake Klipp on Thu May 28 2009

We pitch 3-and-outs and shut-outs.  My two main goals when I take the field.  I hate giving up first downs, and I cannot stand seeing points go up on the scoreboard under the other team.  I want to dent facemasks this season.  I don’t care what stage of the game we’re in…  up 10 or down 40, I love flying around and forcefully TAKING space away from the other team, and doing so with extreme violence and hatred.  Nothing jacks me the hell up more than hearing my teammates on the sideline sucking in their collective breath when they see a big hit coming, and letting out a “ROOOAAAARRRR!!!” when I knock someone’s skull out of orbit…  or watching one of my teammates folding someone’s spine in HALF, and turning to SCREAM at the rest of us while we hop up and down laughing. 

I love it when one of our little guys gets knocked down, and just jumps back up and face-smashes someone twice his size.  I like it when our big guys knock someone down, and just keep beating on them while they’re eating dirt.  I like it when some girlfriend, wife, or mom in the stands hates my guts for ruining her loved one’s Saturday night, and causing him bodily harm.  I like losing my mind, and unleashing holy war on these dudes.  We are the Hitmen Defense.  We wreck running backs and game plans.  We pitch 3-and-outs and shut-outs.  I cannot wait to go kill bodies, and ruin lives with you all this weekend.  Semper Kill.

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