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0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Wed Apr 01 2009

I know it has nothing to do with football whatsoever, but it has to do with the website - something very near and dear to me. Its a loooong video on a piece of software I use frequently. But I just want you to watch the first 10 minutes. He just talks about how much of a pain and piece of junk internet explorer is

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  • 0 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Sat Mar 28 2009

    So I started entering more info into the site's database. I did all of the games, teams  and schedules all the way back to 2004. So no most of the teams records and what not are pretty accurate. We didn't actually start keeping records until 2005 so I may have to do some more digging around to find the info on those earlier years.

    I also started doing the stats for the 2006 season I've got a few more games to 'play' but it'll be done soon

    Just click on the "Played" link and it will take you to the numbers! That was an interesting year. That was the year Mr. Darius Jenkins was bringing players from other teams left and right. K. Rattler was the biggest fullback anyone had ever seen, Chris Jones made his debut, Mike Hill showed up and shocked the world forcing Steve Miick to split PT for the first time in his life. We had THREE quarterbacks. Derek, Janatis and Good ole' Kufaul. And they all played every game. Sometimes Derek would play WR, and Kufaul and Janatis would duke it out for QB time. It was interesting to remember that year. It was by far our worst year landing a mediocre 5-5 season. I had ruptured my biceps tendon and didn't get to play a single minute of that year. It was rough.

    Tech Talk

    I also found something pretty sweet. For you Firefox users, I found an awesome skin. If you have never used Firefox, you can down load free skins or themes for it. I found this one called Luminight - It looks like it was designed specifically for the Muskego Hitmen Website! It matches the color scheme to the 'T'. It looks fantasitc! You should check it out.

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