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2 comments posted by: Eric Satterwhite on Fri Apr 10 2009

About 8 months ago, when I started trying to plan out the website, what would be on it, what it would do and how we could keep it fresh and interesting - A weekly or bi-weekly pod cast was an idea. Get a few football players together every week to talk about hard can that be?! Well, if you didn't notice...we don't have a podcast... I didn't get very much interest in it. Now the Roscoe Rush, in 2009 secured a radio segment with ESPN radio to cover their games. What I don't like about that is that it is rather impersonal. Who on the rush is on it? No one. But there are not many teams out there that can say they have espn radio coverage. Hats off to the rush.

With a Podcast, it is hosted by the hitmen, designed for fans, players, sponsors and people just interested in what we do. People can get behind that. Many people haven't stumbled onto it yet, but last year ( and again in 2009 ), the St. Francis Monarch's put together a weekly show. And for being a couple of line-men and a line-men's wife, It's pretty good! Ontop of that, it's viral - they do it once, and it reaches thousans of people who have never hear of the IFL or of the monarchs.

If you can't beat'em - Join'em

Even though the Hitmen didn't follow through on it, I think you should check out the monarch's They did a good job and are doing good things for the IFL! So Hats off for Mr. Chris Hill

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