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0 comments posted by: Jason Blawat on Mon Mar 16 2009
Often we take daily things in life for granted. Take a house for example. We drive past houses everyday, without thinking twice about it. We may think "hey, that's a house...big deal." However, for the people who BUILT that house and for the people who LIVE in that house, the structure, the contents, the house itself means something different. Please be sure to not take for granted the work that went into building this website. Satterwhite was the builder, and we all live in it. He put a ton of time into making this thing work. It's fun, interactive, and it looks great. Be sure to thank Mr. Satterwhite. Now, let's make sure we have lots of good material for this website...let's go out and WIN every football game we play in 2009!
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    posted by Jason on Mon Mar 16 2009 8:56 p.m.
    Thanks, Eric.