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This technically will be my fifth season in the IFL. The past three seasons I have spent with the Muskego Hitman and the two prior years were spent filling in occasionally for what was known back then as just the Cyclones. After my first year stent of playing ball in Kentucky, I suffered some hardships, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This eventually led me back to Wisconsin where I finished up my college years at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. My first year back I was introduced to the IFL by one of my best friends and current teammate Tony Saglin.
Tony and his brother Mike were playing for the newly founded cyclones and persuaded me to come to one of the practices to throw some routes because their QB wouldn't be there. I like to stay active, so I did. One thing led to another and I was playing in their first game. That same year I walked on to the Parkside Baseball team, so I had to end all with the Cyclones.
The following year, still playing ball in kenosha, but not really doing anything with it. It was a good outlet for releasing energy, being competitive, staying active, and being social. Spring came, IFL season soon to follow and before I knew it I was in the stands watching my buddies play. Shortly after watching the game, I was asked to play...again by my buddy and his brother. I missed the hard work, the hitting, the competition that football brought out of me, the smell of the grass, and the cool crisp air of those practices that led into the night. So, I said, "Yea...sure," with the understanding I would be the back up and I couldn't fully commit due to playing spring baseball and working out for Baseball the upcoming season. Problems occurred between ownership and coaching, players and coaching, so on and so forth, so my time eventually faded due to my commitment to baseball.
My third season! I found myself craving competition, no longer playing baseball and only focusing on school. Another offer came, but this time it was different, this was a new team, a well established team, a "serious" team, a team that when you said their name a feeling of Pride, Power, and Respect came with it...HITMEN.
I came over with three buddies and current players for the HITMEN, the Saglin brothers, and Sticker. From the very first practice I knew this team was the team for me; everything from the coaching style, to the practice structure, to the caliber of players, to the philosophy of Hitmen football made it hard not to like this team.
I spent my first two years battling with their current QB, Derek Dailey, well respected in the league and was a tremendous athlete with a lot of passion and love for the game. We both pushed each other and made each other better. My first year was a growing experience. "Yeah, but you played D1AA football?" Yea I did, but there's always a learning curve an athlete goes through no matter what level of competition they are playing at. My second year I knew the playbook, I ended up splitting time. Derek would start...kill....I'd come in at the half....repeat. Last season, I was the starter. A role I really hadn't been in for 5 years, an old but familiar position, one that I was ready to take on full steam. The season summed up...we fell short in the first round of the playoffs, and since then have been preparing for the 2009 season.
We lost a bunch of great teammates, BUT don't be fooled...we have an arsenal, Offensively and Defensively. Shout out really quick to my fellow offensive specialists, "Freddy D.", "The Thrill Mike Hill," "Sticky Finger's Mike Hicks," "Kells, a.k.a Super Kells, Markell Thompson."
As our website states, "Destiny Awaits."

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Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin (OAW), The largest independent Orthopaedic group in the state, is centered in Waukesha and the surrounding communities. The staff of board certified Orthopaedic surgeons and a rehabilitation team consisting of highly trained Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditiong Specialist strive to provide the very best in Orthopaedic care. OAW also boasts a very successful athletic training outreach program, and is the official sports medicine provider for ten area high schools including Arrowhead, Catholic Memorial, Kettle Moraine, Mukwanago, New Berlin Eisenhower, New Berlin West, Sussex Hamilton, Waukesa North, Waukesha South, And Waukesa West.

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Number# 16
40yd Dash4.84 sec
Pro-Agility4.6 sec
College AttendedMorehead State

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Steve Miick
on: 30 Mar 2009 11:04 p.m.
hear ye hear ye. attention all hitmen! let it be known that from this day forward, andrew janatis shall now be known as "drew bear."
on: 31 Mar 2009 8:23 a.m.
no love for ur oline huh? ur screwed this year! :d haha jk