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An All-Star Middle Linebacker who has played for 6 seasons

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played 7 seasons
1 with West Milwaukee Mean Machines
6 with Muskego Hitmen
co-founded Muskego Hitmen in 2003
04' Ironbowl champ
3 time National Conference champ
05' 06' 07' 08' league allstar
05' co league MVP
09' IFL Hall Of Fame Inductee

Would have given up all the achievements, just to win another ironbowl...

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Posted By Jason Huckstorf on Thu Feb 04 2010 11:12 a.m. 0 comments

Sometimes it is better to play all the time, then to win football games. Players choose to leave a team in search for more playing time or a better fit for them, losing site of what really is the ultimate goal of that player, to win a championship. Family, brotherhood, and team unity are just a mirror image to a player ego that is hell bent on getting 100% of the plays on the field, or so that player thinks.

 The Muskego Hitmen franchise has been built on those 3 important nouns. In my 7 years on the team I saw players come and go, and then come back again more times then not. You have to ask yourself "why is this". Is it because we have the best team or the best coaching, or because we have won an Ironbowl. No. I say the reason why players come back to the Hitmen is simply because of the team camraderie and family atmosphere the team has had over these years. No matter if you are a first year football player or a veteren, players have found a comfort level in the Hitmen team. The "I have your back and you have mine" cliche is the foundation of what this team stands for. Players lose site of this and head to greener pastures (or so they think) in search of more playing time or a better fit. To this I say, good luck.

Truth of the matter is, the Muskego Hitmen will go on and be as successful as when I played. Those players who choose to seek refuge on another teams roster might not, making them question their decision to leave. Sometimes 50% of the snaps and win, is better then 100% and lose. 

To those players not returning for the Muskego Hitmen 2010 championship run, good luck. Hopefully the old cliche "the grass isnt always greener on the other side" does not come back to bite you in your ass. And for those who are undecieded and not sure what 2010 holds for them, I think you already know what the right thing is to do. I will plan on seeing you at our tryouts as we set the tone for the 2010 season and make another run for a Ironbowl Championship!

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Number# 64
40yd Dash6.0 sec
Pro-Agility6.0 sec
HS AttendedMuskego High School
College AttendedMuskego High School

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