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My cousin Jason Huckstorf and I started the Hitmen back in 2002. But before the Hitmen where even and idea, we played two dismal seasons with the West Milwaukee Mean Machines. The team wasnt't dismal, we had a great time playing football again, and the guys where great. But we where from Muskego and anyone who knows Muskego football and success go hand in hand. So we called up some friends from Muskego, and brought some of the guys from the Mean machines with us and the Hitmen where born. Now it's 2009 and we have 6 seasons under our belt looking forward to our seventh. Over the years faces have changed but the idea is still the same. Play football, have fun, and be successfull. I myself retired after the 2007 season because of spine and neck problems that have been acumalating over my 14 years of football and 8 years of rugby. I continue to own the team and sit at the head of the board of directors. But instead of playing fullback on the most dominate backfield in the IFL, I now coach the running backs.

There is no other game in the world better than the game of organized football. And that is one thing that The Hitmen pride themseves on is, organization. We have been fortunate enough to have the right people in the right places on our team.

My mission is not only to continue our success but also to involve the whole city of Muskego in the Muskego Hitmen tradition. Muskego has always loved their football and I hope that one day every resident in the city will not only know who we are but be our loyal fans.

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Posted By Nick Seliger on Mon Mar 23 2009 2:10 p.m. 4 comments

Practices are manditory

Our first outside practice is this Sunday Mar. 28th. from 4:30- 7pm. at Muskego High school. Now I shouldn't have to tell you how important practice is. We have great talented veterans coming back this year. And we have also added some extremely talented rookies. But if no one comes to practice all that doesn't mean squat. There are alot of reasons why guys play for this team. One might be they appreciate the organization as a whole, another is they love their team mates. There are many more. But one reason that shines through to many is that we win. And this year will be no different. But how far we go depends on the dedication of all involved. We have said many many times that family and work come first. They do to all of us. But this past mini camp there where a lot of guys missing, and I only got one phone call, and I think coach Blawat only got maybe a couple. Many guys didn't even bother to call. This needs to stop right now. If you can't make it we understand and will not hassle you, but you need to pick up the phone and let us know.

This is our 7th season, and if you ask any of the guys that have been around they will say it is a long hard road. There will be alot of blood, alot of sweat, and tears. But if we all come together as a family, Brothers that can count on each other, and know the guy next to him will cut off his frickin arm for you if you needed him to. Brothers that will come together in the good times and become stronger in the bad times. WE WILL WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR! That is my guarantee. There are guys on this team that know what it takes, and know what it means to be a champion. I am calling on those guys now to step up and lead this team to glory.

Practice, Loyalty, dedication and a combined desire to be great are four key things that make a champion. The Hitmen are and have always been made up of guys with heart. When the chips are down and time is ticking away and we need one more score to win the game our guys will leave everything they have on the field and do what they can to score that touchdown. If that means blocking for and extra second with and injured shoulder to give the quarterback just a little more time. Or going up for a ball in traffic when you know you are gonna take a big hit. The Hitmen are not make up of individuals who are in it for themselves, but of men that love the game and love their brothers they bleed next to. Make no mistake! This is a family, and as a family and only as a family will we succeed. So come March 28th at 4:30 pm be ready to strap it up and begin the road to glory.

Your humble brother Nick Seliger

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Steve Miick
on: 14 Apr 2009 3:16 a.m.
okay, i may have chuckled at your 40/pro agility times.
Steve Miick
on: 14 Apr 2009 3:17 a.m.
but not at the broken blood vessel on my forhead from you hitting me in a blocking drill 3 years ago....
on: 13 Jun 2009 10:14 p.m.
yup. firefox was the answer. i'm back and i ain't goin anywhere other than to as many home games or milwaukee county sports complex games as possible.