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I started playing football way back when in my yard with friends, than moved into 5th and 6th grade flag football in which i couldnt stand with no contact! tackle football started in 7th grade, than 8th in which i think i played guard or center, moved up the the high school level playing Nose/DT. Our offense did not have a fullback in it with a split backfield formation. Senior year was one id like to forget playing LB and being on a 0-9 team at South Milwaukee, from there i didnt move on to college ball went to car elecrtonice school in toronto canada, came back got a job installing navigation systems. My buddy brandon wattson was playing on a team called the oak creek cyclones at them time and really was instrested in playing football again. So i got involved there and finally got my oppertunity to learn and play at the fullback position. After a less than steller 2 seasons on the cyclones i was following most of my teammates to the west allis predators but 2 weeks before our season opener the IFL desided to fold our team. Again most of my teammates desided to play for a team and i desided to follow. Which brought me here to the Muskego Hitmen. My first year on the team was an exciting one and one ill never forget. Being on the opposite side of things, a winning team a family atmosphere something i really never had. At the end of my first year on the team some of my teammates desided that this was not the place for them and wanted me to come with them, i desided to stay here with my new friends and family, ive never looked back.

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