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posted by Hitwarrior2008 on Jul 09 2009

for those of you guys who have followed the milwaukee iron you probably remember tyler donovan was our starting quarterback until he suffered a knee injury that was only supposed to keep him out for 4 weeks. since then he was placed on ir but recently i have a feeling that the former badger may have been released since the milwaukee iron now have 42 year old todd hammel and newly signed qb chris malleo out of northwestern. since tyler appears to have had a hard time staying in pro football, is there a chance that maybe he come play semi-pro? could maybe we convince him to come play for us? what do you guys think?

posted by McDuffie15 on Aug 21 2009
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I will play QB for you next season. The only thing Tyler can do better then me is run and my thought on that is if I am having to run then we are in trouble!