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posted by Hitwarrior2008 on Jul 05 2009

i don't know if some of you guys check it out or not but as well as an avid poster here on the hitmen website i am also an avid poster on wissports.net's forum boards. and ever since i posted a thread stating a textbook reading i saw that backed me up on why i think marriage is a bad idea people are blasting me and now no matter what topic i post something on in the water cooler board section they try to blast me for everything and try to tell me to leave. i won't leave but can you believe that these people don't even know me and they think i'm a bad guy because i won't be getting married? i don't understand. i started two topic threads to talk about today. one was about what your favorite puppy breed is and the other was about what words do you live by. and the thread about puppies for some reason they believe needs moderator attention! you're kidding me right? now true i was banned once for an inappropriate comment about another poster but this time i get banned for an "auto ban" that i am still looking into. oh and i'm sure you could figure out who i am on there pretty quickly. but still i hate it how these people attack me no matter what i do or say now because i think marriage is a bad idea. i'm pissed!

posted by Hitwarrior2008 on Jul 06 2009
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Update: I have been unbanned by admin as they found that I was not in any rules violations.