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posted by talexander on Jul 12 2009

im just putting this out there for mr. satterwhite.. we got put some kind of audio track on here of korbey's fired up chant!!! i get jacked up every time on that!!!

if that not possible, i want, not need an audio clip of that!!!

ps i want see the great #90 at a game, that way it might give the #90 on the field some of that greatness lol...

posted by jernst on Jul 18 2009
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esatterwhite said:


Sure it's possible. You need some sort of a digital recorder with a decent microphone. Then  ( the awkward part ),

we don't have anywhere for just audio clips on the site, but you could mix it into a sound track and we could use it for a video or something if it were good enough.

I will try to get something today and see what I can do.