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posted by talexander on Jul 22 2009

okay, both the venom and the spartans have those sticker that u put on the back of your helmet after you were recoginized for making good play.. i forget what there called... anybody know? but they would look really cool to go along with the hitmen tradition.. we could do lil crosshairs for the stickers

what are your guys thoughts?

posted by Hitwarrior2008 on Jul 22 2009
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I know at Muskego High we called them "ballhawks" but I think realistically a team could name them whatever they want. What if we tried bullets instead though?

posted by biwaskiewicz on Jul 26 2009
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decals i like them

posted by esatterwhite on Jul 27 2009
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  • Where do you get them?

  • How much do they cost?

  • Who is paying for all of it?

  • is there a minimum order?

  • does someone have to design the decals?

  • Why should the hitmen do this? ( besides that it looks cool )

  • Does it fit the team philosophy of team first?

  • On what criteria will the awards be given?

  • Does every position have the same number of ways to get awards?

  • Are they hard to obtain? or are we throwing stickers at everyone?

  • What about players who don't get much time? Are they left out?

  • Who will be responsible for monitoring who does what and assigning the awards?

  • Does this fall under league uniform/dress code?

posted by esatterwhite on Aug 05 2009
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fyi...the homework was for you! We're a bunch of self starters around here. You start...I'll nod in approval.