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posted by esatterwhite on Jul 06 2009

how do i log in? do i need to register? here is a quick way to find out. in the upper right hand corner of the site is a search bar. type in your name, your first name should do. if it finds you - the answer is no you do not need to register. what you need is for someone to tell you what your username & password are. you can email me directly(i'm on the team's "mailing list" ), you ask on of the coaches - they should know, or ask someone who is active on the site...because they obviously know how. on a side note, if you are one of the recent late additions, coach blawat has been adding you, you might want to check with him how he set you up.

posted by esatterwhite on Jul 20 2009
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You can also use the forgot password form to get a new password rather than registering again