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posted by nseliger on Oct 21 2009

there are alot of players out there that are expressing interest in playing for us next year. right now we are in the process of filling coaching and roster spots. make sure that these players know that our success in the past years have been attributed to alot of factors. one of the biggest ones is commitment to the team. we will be having a tryout in january or february 2010. all new players will be required to attend this tryout! also we will be holding manditory mini-camps in march. in order for our goal to be met all new players must participate in the tryouts and all hitmen players must attend the mini-camps. the dates will be made public as soon as the dates are nailed down. commintment is a must if we are gonna win the ironbowl this year. spread the word. let me know of all coaches or players that are interested in joining our team next year.

posted by grodriguez on Dec 07 2009
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Hmmm, Ill ask him to do it again. his Last name is Zavarnov. Ill talk to him later see what he says