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posted by esatterwhite on Dec 22 2009

this morning i pushed a bunch of code and updates for the site. the one of interest is the new application i'm naming after john madden. more specifically, the madden games. in the older versions there was a create a player mode, where you would adjust all of a players stats - speed, stamina, strength, etc.

right now it's still in the testing stage and pretty much only the site admins have access to the fun stuff, but when you are on a player profile, you will see their overall rating based on all of the ratings they have been given by other people.

the things you are rated on are specific to your position, and are also weighted based on your position. so, speed and agility impact the over all rating of a rb more than it would for a nt.

you are only give so many points to divide up to the different criteria and the points are determined by a couple of different factors. i don't want to tell you how many points because i think you will be more honest that way. but you won't be able to give everything 100's.

still working out the kinks, but it's pretty cool already. i'll try to put up a video demo soon

posted by esatterwhite on Dec 30 2009
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added an X-Factor which increased points based on the number of years. point limits lineally with the number of years you have played football. It is a smarter way to allot more points for the seasoned vets.