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posted by esatterwhite on Jul 16 2009

i've got a couple ideas for some new stuff on the site. the current project on the drawing board is an upgrade to the video player on the site it will look the same, but it will be lighter weight in filesize about 1/3 the size. the current version is about 95kb.
this is just to load up the player itself. no screen shots, no video just and empty player.

it's a beast and on a dial up, very slow. right now the new version i'm working on is only 15kb, which makes it screamin fast. also will come support for hd! well, as hd as video on the web gets i suppose. so you will have the option to load a low, med, high & hd version of the video. the down side is that the hd vids take advantage of the h.264 codec, which is what they use for blueray disc and it is pretty cpu intensive. so if don't have a pretty powerful computer, it will probably push it to the max.

disclaimer: if your computer starts smoking and the room starts's not my fault.

posted by esatterwhite on Mar 11 2012
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