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posted by esatterwhite on Jul 01 2009

made the first major upgrade to the forum system. as you probably noticed, i had to wipe all of the old data. but that should be the last time i have to do that. so we stand at version 3/4 and a half... all of the basic stuff is there. i'll be working to add new stuff and hook thing into player profiles.

ta -da list:

  • message board section on player profiles

  • points system...still

  • get moderators

  • user control panel ( my stuff kind of thing )

  • put community tab on home page.

i know what you are thinking

you mean a to do list, don't you?

and no, no i don't. a to do list means that you really intend on doing something and have a deadline, and plan on it getting done on time, on budget and under scope. a ta - da list has none of that. i got a list of might get done, it might not. maybe soon...maybe later. if it gets done - ta da!

posted by esatterwhite on Jul 12 2009
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Here is a quick tutorial on the junkboard!

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